What is "Whole House" managed power?

Most of us are already managing the power in our homes - by turning off lights when we leave a room, or waiting to run the dishwasher in the evening. Champion "Whole House" Home Standby Generators Systems do the same thing, in a different way, to allow us the power we need in an outage.

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What is "Emergency Essentials" select circuit power?

Often the most cost effective Champion Home Standby System is "Emergency Essentials". While Whole House systems gives you access to your homes entire electrical panel, many people are able to identify ahead of time the exact items they want powered during an outage.

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What makes our Home Standby Generators different?

When the power goes out, Champion’s home standby generators automatically turn on and provide seamless, reliable power to your home. Since it is connected to your propane or natural gas system it never needs refueling. Comfort and security…on-demand.

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